1. AFT is Celebrating its 16th Consecutive Year of Helping Freshwater Turtles & Turtle Keepers Online and 22nd Year providing the AFT Care Guide. AFT is a not-for-profit charity administered 100% by voluntary staff only.


Image Title Text
Alien Alien :alien:
Coffee Coffee :coffee:
Cry Cry :cry: :cry2: :crying:
Devilish Devilish (:evil) :devilish: (:naughty)
In Love In Love :blushing: (:smooch) :romantic: :swoon:
Laugh Laugh :laugh: :funnypost: rotfl lol. LOL. :lol2: lol, Lol, LOL, LOL Lol
Sick Sick (:puking) :sickinbed: :sick18: :sick:
Sleep Sleep :sleep: (:bedtime) (:sleepy) :bedtime: :tired:
Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Speechless Speechless :speechless:
Thumbs Down Thumbs Down :thumbdown:
Thumbs Up Thumbs Up (:thumb) :thumbup: :2thumbsup: (:yes)
Unsure Unsure (:dontknow) (:shrug) :unsure: :helpme: (:nailbite) :worried: :worried2:
Wink Wink ;) ;-) :wink2:
Frown Frown :( :pale: :sad:
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@ :veryangry: :grrr:
Confused Confused :confused: (:confused) :S
Cool Cool :cool: 8-) :coool:
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Big Grin Big Grin :D :grinsmile: :awesome: :cheerful: :bigsmile:
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o :shocking: (:shocked) (:yikes) (:holycow) :jawdropping: :panic:
Oops! Oops! :oops: (:oops:) (:oops2)
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes: (:unimpressed)
Er... what? Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
Barton Barton :barton:
2 Cents 2 Cents (:2cents)
4WD 4WD :4wd:
Ambulance Ambulance :ambulance:
Angel Angel :angel:
Announcement Announcement :announcement:
Apache Apache (:apache)
Applause Applause (:applause)
Artist Artist :artist:
Bad Influence Bad Influence (:badinfluence)
Bath Bath (:bath)
BBQ BBQ :bbq: :bigbbq:
Beam Me Up Beam Me Up :beammeup: :startrek:
Beer Beer (:beer)
Beer 2 Beer 2 (:beer2) :drinkbeer:
Below the Belt Below the Belt :belowthebelt:
Black Comet Black Comet :blackcomet: :blackfish:
Blah Blah Blah Blah (:blah)
Bourbon Bourbon :bourbon:
Boxing Boxing :boxing: :fight:
Break Computer Break Computer (:breakcomp)
Brick Wall Brick Wall :brickwall: :banghead:
Budgie Budgie :budgie:
Camera Camera :camera:
Camping Camping (:camping)
Canister Filter Canister Filter :canisterfilter: :canister:
Cartwheel Cartwheel :cartwheel:
Chained Chained (:chained)
Champagne Champagne :champagne:
Cheers Cheers (:cheers)
Chill Pill Chill Pill (:chillpill)
Cinema Cinema (:cinema) :eatingpopcorn:
Clap Clap (:clap)
Coffee Coffee (:coffee)
Cold Cold :cold:
Congrats Congrats :congrats: :congratulations:
Console Console (:console)
Construction Construction (:construction)
Crazy Crazy :crazy:
Croc Croc (:croc)
Cross Fingers Cross Fingers :crossfingers:
Crutch Crutch :crutch:
Crystall Ball Crystall Ball :crystallball:
Deadly Deadly :deadly: :dead:
Defib Defib :defib:
Desert Desert :desert:
Diving for Turtles Diving for Turtles :divingforturtles: :diving4turtles:
Drool Drool (:drool)
Early Bird Early Bird :earlybird:
Eyebrow Eyebrow :eyebrow:
Facebook Like Facebook Like :like:
Facepalm Facepalm :facepalm:
Faint Faint :faint:
Feeder Fish Feeder Fish :feederfish:
Fireworks Fireworks :fireworks: :fireworks2: :fireworks3:
Fish Fish (:fish)
Flashing New Flashing New :flashingnew:
Fluoro Fluoro :fluoro: :lighton:
Fly Fly :fly:
Foot in Mouth Foot in Mouth :footinmouth:
Fox Fox :fox:
Fry Fry :fry:
Frying Pan Frying Pan :fryingpan:
Gang Up Gang Up :gangup:
Gathering Gathering :gathering:
Go to the Corner Go to the Corner :gotothecorner: :gtc:
Good Luck Good Luck :goodluck:
Goodnight Goodnight :goodnight:
Grasshopper Grasshopper :grasshopper:
Group Hug Group Hug (:grouphug)
Hand Net Hand Net :handnet:
Heat Heat (:heat)
Helicopter Helicopter :helicopter: :helicopter2:
Hide Hide :hide:
High Five High Five :highfive:
Hmmm Hmmm (:hmmm)
Hooked Hooked :hooked:
Horse Manure Horse Manure :horsemanure:
I Like Pythons Too I Like Pythons Too :ilikepythonstoo:
I'm Fine I'm Fine :imfine:
Idea Idea (:idea) :brightlight:
Jack Russell Jack Russell :jackrussell: :jrt:
Jail Jail :jail:
Kayak Kayak :kayak:
Kiwi Kiwi :kiwi:
Laugh Pointing Left Laugh Pointing Left :laughpointleft:
LED LED :led:
Lifepreserver Lifepreserver :lifepreserver: :duncanspreserver:
Little Drink Little Drink :littledrinky:
Look Around Look Around :lookaround:
Magnet Magnet :magnet: :magnet3:
Magnify Magnify :magnify:
Magpie Magpie :magpie:
Mail Arrived Mail Arrived :arrivedinpost:
Melodramatic Melodramatic :melodramatic:
Mens Work Mens Work :menswork: :menswork1:
Mermaid Mermaid :mermaid:
Mexican Wave Mexican Wave (:thewave)
Missing Missing (:missing)
Mosquito Mosquito :mosquito:
Mystery Solved Mystery Solved :mysterysolved:
New New :new:
News News :news:
Nice Tank Nice Tank :nicetank: :hugetank:
Night Own Night Own :nightowl:
Nurse Nurse :nurse:
Office Office (:office)
Old Lady Old Lady :oldlady:
Oz Bush Camp Oz Bush Camp :ozbushcamp:
Pat Back Pat Back (:patback)
pH pH :ph:
Photo Photo (:photo)
Plane Plane :plane:
Point Laugh Point Laugh (:pointlaugh)
Point Left Point Left :pointleft:
Point Right Point Right :pointright:
Pole Dancer Pole Dancer :poledancer: :dancer:
Ponder Ponder :ponder:
Pour Drink Pour Drink (:pourdrink)
R.I.P R.I.P (:rip)
Rain Rain (:rain)
Reaction Reaction :reaction:
Read Read (:read)
Really Drunk Really Drunk (:reallydrink) (:reallydrunk)
Redneck Redneck :redneck: :redneck2:
Relieved Relieved :relieved:
Rocket Rocket :rocket:
Security Security :security:
Shake Hands Shake Hands (:shake)
Shark Shark (:shark)
Shop Shop (:shop)
Shower Shower (:shower)
Sorry Sorry :sorry:
Spa Spa :spa:
Spider Spider :spider:
Spock Spock :spock:
Stainless Steel Hook Stainless Steel Hook :stainlesshook: :stainlesshook1:
Star Wars Star Wars (:starwars)
Stir the Pot Stir the Pot :stirthepot:
Straight Jacket Straight Jacket :straightjacket: :straightjacket2:
Stretcher Stretcher :stretcher:
Sunbake Sunbake :sunbake:
Sunny Sunny (:sunny)
Surgery Surgery :surgery:
Surrender Surrender :giveup:
Swimming Fish Swimming Fish :swimmingfish:
Syringe Syringe :syringe:
Tap Foot Tap Foot :tapfoot: :stillwaiting:
Thank You Thank You :thankyou:
Therapy Therapy :therapy:
Thinking Thinking :thinking:
Tomcat Tomcat :tomcat:
Treasure Treasure :treasure:
Tumbleweed Tumbleweed :tumbleweed:
Tumbleweeds Tumbleweeds :tumbleweeds:
Turtle Quiz Turtle Quiz :turtlequiz: :chalkboard: :chalkboard1:
TurtleMail TurtleMail :@:
TV TV (:tv)
Vacuum Vacuum :vacuum:
Very Rainy Very Rainy :veryrainy:
Victory Victory :victory:
Video Video :video: :vid:
Water Test Water Test :watertest:
Wheelchair Wheelchair :wheelchair:
Whip Whip :whip:
Woman Cooking Woman Cooking :womancooking:
Woman's Work Woman's Work :womanswork: :womanswork2: :womanswork3: :womanswork4:
Woohoo Woohoo (:woohoo)
Yabby Yabby :yabby:
Yahoo Yahoo (:yahoo)
Yay Yay :yay:
Zebra Finch Zebra Finch :zebrafinch:
AFT Flag AFT Flag :aftflag:
AFT Welcome AFT Welcome :aftwelcome:
Hello Hello (:hello)
Nice To Meet You Nice To Meet You :nicetomeetyou:
Turtle and Welcome Sign Turtle and Welcome Sign :turtlewelcomesign: :turtlesign:
Welcome Welcome (:welcome) :welcome2: :welcome9: :welcome3:
Welcome 10 Welcome 10 :welcome10:
Welcome Sign Welcome Sign :welcomesign:
Welcome to AFT Scroll Welcome to AFT Scroll :welcomescroll:
Welcome Wave Welcome Wave :welcomewave:
Anyone? Anyone? :anyone:
Auction Closed Auction Closed :auctionclosed:
Brain Fart Brain Fart :brainfart: brain fart
Careguide Careguide :turtlecaresheet:
Careguide Careguide :careguide:
Cheers Cheers :cheers: :cheers2:
Feed Croc Feed Croc :feedcroc:
Funny Thread Funny Thread :funnythread:
Good Job Good Job :goodjob:
Good One Good One (:goodone)
Good Point Good Point :goodpoint:
Good Post Good Post :goodpost: :goodpost2:
Google Google :google:
Got Pics Got Pics :gotpics:
I Agree I Agree (iagree)
Knob Knob :knob: :KNOB:
Misinformation Misinformation :misinformation:
New Here New Here (:new)
Noob Noob (:noob)
Okay Sign Okay Sign :ok:
On Holidays On Holidays :onholidays:
Say That Say That :saythat:
So Sad So Sad :sosad:
Thanks Sign Thanks Sign :thankssign:
Turtle Sign Turtle Sign (:turtlesign)
Winner Winner :winner:
Wrong Forum Wrong Forum :wrongforum:
A Turtle A Turtle :aturtle:
Alligator Snapper Alligator Snapper :alligatorsnapper: :alligatorsnapper3:
Back Soon Back Soon :backsoon:
Big Head Turtle Big Head Turtle :bigheadturtle:
Donatello Donatello :donatello:
ELN ELN :eln: :eln2:
Fast Turtle Fast Turtle :fastturtle:
Hiding Turtle Hiding Turtle :hidingturtle:
I Like Turtles I Like Turtles :iliketurtles:
Jelly Turtle Jelly Turtle :jellyturtle:
Leonardo Leonardo :leonardo:
Long Necked Turtle Long Necked Turtle :longneck: :elnicon:
Love Turtles Love Turtles :loveturtles:
Mary River Turtle Mary River Turtle :maryriverturtle: :MRT:
Michelangelo Michelangelo :michelangelo:
Oblong Turtle Oblong Turtle :oblong:
Old Turtle Old Turtle :oldturtle:
Popup Turtle Popup Turtle :popupturtle:
Raphael Raphael :raphael:
Red-Eared Slider Red-Eared Slider :res:
Red-Eared Slider Red-Eared Slider :slider:
Research Turtle Research Turtle :researchturtles:
Scared Turtle Scared Turtle :scaredturtle:
Snorkeling Turtle Snorkeling Turtle :snorkelingturtle:
Sparkling Turtle Sparkling Turtle :sparklingturtle: :sparkling turtle:
Swimming Turtle Swimming Turtle :swimmingturtle:
Too Cramped Too Cramped :toocramped: :toocramped2:
Tortoise Tortoise :tortoise:
Tortue Musique Tortue Musique :tortue-musique:
Turtle Turtle (:turtle)
Turtle 2 Turtle 2 (:turtle2)
Turtle 3 Turtle 3 :turtle3:
Turtle 4 Turtle 4 (:turtle4)
Turtle 5 Turtle 5 :turtle5: :turtleicon:
Turtle 6 Turtle 6 :turtle6: :turtle8:
Turtle 9 Turtle 9 :turtle9:
Turtle Basking Turtle Basking :turtlebasking: :bask:
Turtle Diet Turtle Diet :diet:
Turtle Egg Turtle Egg :turtleegg: :egg:
Turtle In Pool Turtle In Pool :turtle in pool:
Turtle in the Doghouse Turtle in the Doghouse :doghouse:
Turtle March Turtle March :turtlemarch:
Turtle Paddling Turtle Paddling :turtlepaddling:
Turtle Tank Turtle Tank :turtletank:
April Fools Day April Fools Day :aprilfoolsday: :aprilfool: :AFD:
Australia Day Australia Day :australiaday: :straya:
Be my Valentine Be my Valentine :bemyvalentine: :bmyvalentine:
Get Well Soon Get Well Soon :getwellsoon: :turtlegetwell: :getwell2:
Getting Married Getting Married :gettingmarried: :getmarried:
Happy New Year Happy New Year :happynewyear: :hny1: :hny2013: :2013rotate: :2013bubbly: :2013turtle: :hny2014:
It's a Boy It's a Boy :itsaboy: :boy:
Its a Girl Its a Girl :itsagirl: :itsagirl2: :babygirl1: :girls3:
Melbourne Cup Melbourne Cup :melbournecup: :horserace:
New Year New Year :newyear:
St Patricks Day St Patricks Day :stpatrick:
Valentine Valentine :valentine: :valentine2: :vheart:
Valentine Roses Valentine Roses :valentineroses: :givingroses:
Valentines Gift Valentines Gift :valentinesgift: :chocgift:
Balloons Balloons :balloons: :birthdayballoons: :bd1:
Balloons Balloons :balloons2: :happy birthday8:
Big Birthday Cake Big Birthday Cake :bigcake: :happybirthdaycake: :smallcake:
Birthday Birthday (:birthday) :happybirthday17: :birthday386: :birthdayblower: :hb6:
Birthday Animals Birthday Animals :birthdayanimals:
Birthday Cake Birthday Cake :birthdaycake: :birthdaycake2:
Birthday Cake Birthday Cake :birthdaycake3:
Birthday Candles Birthday Candles :birthdaycandles:
Birthday Flower Birthday Flower :birthdayflower:
Birthday Gift Birthday Gift :birthdaygift:
Birthday Party Birthday Party :birthdayparty:
Birthday Sparkles Birthday Sparkles :birthdaysparkles:
Birthday Turtle Drink Birthday Turtle Drink :birthdayturtledrink: :AFTturtledrink:
Birthday Wishes Birthday Wishes :birthdaywishes:
Gift Gift :gift:
Happy Birthday 2 Happy Birthday 2 :happybirthday2: :happybirthday5:
Happy Birthday 4 Happy Birthday 4 :happybirthday4:
Happy Birthday Heart Happy Birthday Heart :happybirthdayheart:
More Gifts More Gifts :moregifts:
Party Party :party:
Candle Candle :candle: :xmas:
Candy Cane Candy Cane :candycane:
Celebrate Celebrate :celebrate:
Christmas Eve Christmas Eve :christmaseve:
Christmas from us Christmas from us :christmasfromus: :xmasfromus:
Christmas Log Christmas Log :christmaslog:
Christmas Tree Christmas Tree :tree:
Christmas Tree Christmas Tree :christmastree: :xmas8458:
Christmas Welcome Christmas Welcome :christmaswelcome: :xmaswelcome:
Elf Elf :elf:
Merry Merry :merry:
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas :merrychristmas: :merryxmas23: :mcristmas: :mc:
North Pole North Pole :northpole:
Rudolph Rudolph :rudolph:
Santa Santa :santa: :santa3:
Santa Down Chimney Santa Down Chimney :downchimney:
Santa Up Chimney Santa Up Chimney :upchimney: :santaupchimney:
Santa Wave Santa Wave :hi: :santawaving:
Sleigh Sleigh :sleigh:
Snowman Snowman :snowman: :snowman3: :snowmansparkle:
Sparkle Tree Sparkle Tree :sparkle:
Turtle Candle Turtle Candle :turtlecandle:
Turtle Sleigh Turtle Sleigh :turtlesleigh:
Wreath Wreath :wreath: :christmas3:
Arrow Left Arrow Left :arrowleft:
Arrow Right Arrow Right :arrowright: :arrowright
Arrow Up Arrow Up :arrowup:
Arrow Down Arrow Down :arrowdown:
Female Female :female:
Green Tick Green Tick :greentick:
Male Male :male:
Music Note Music Note :musicnote: :music 1: :music 2: :music 3: :music notes 4:
Red Cross Red Cross :redcross:
AFT AFT :aft:
Amazing Amazon Amazing Amazon :amazingamazon: :AA:
Kingfisher Bay Resort Kingfisher Bay Resort :kingfisher: