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How to Post a New Thread on AFT

Discussion in 'How to Post a New Thread on AFT' started by Craig, Mar 23, 2017.

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    The first thing you need to do is click on Forums (you may need to click twice).

    Then choose the appropriate forum destination for your new thread.

    If you are introducing yourself to the forums as a new member then post your new thread
    into the Introductions forum.

    If your query is regarding Urgent Help, Common Health Problems, Injuries and Treatments, Keeping Turtles Indoors, Keeping Turtles Outdoors and so on then click on the appropriate forum to place your message in.
    Turtle care.jpg

    Then all you have to do is click on the BLUE Post New Thread button which can be found at either the top right hand side of the page or bottom of the page on the right hand side.
    Post new thread.jpg

    If you wish to upload a photo with your message (highly recommended) then click on the Upload A File button then select either a Thumbnail or Full Image and your image will be inserted as a Thumbnail or Full Image.
    Post new thread.jpg

    You can also insert photos by using the 'direct URL' of a photo from a photo storage site like Photobucket, Imgur, Google Photos, Instagram and Flickr etc. by clicking on the insert photo button.

    Insert photo via URL.jpg
    For more information on inserting photos into messages please read the following thread.
    :arrowright: https://www.australianfreshwaterturtles.com.au/threads/how-to-post-a-photo-on-aft.15236/
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