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How to post a photo on AFT

Discussion in 'How To Upload Or Link a Photo To the AFT Website' started by Craig, Mar 5, 2017.

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    Photos uploaded to the AFT Forums need to be smaller than 5 Megabytes. It doesn't matter how large your photo is in pixel size, it will be automatically resized when uploaded

    How To Upload a Photo To AFT

    STEP 1
    Click on Upload a File

    STEP 2
    Wait for Photo to Upload


    Step 3
    Choose Thumbnail or Full Image (Full Image is recommended) or delete and choose another photo


    Step 4
    Add your text and click Create Thread. You can position your text above or below the photo, the choice is yours where you insert it.


    How to add a Photo using a URL from a photo hosting site

    Step 1
    Click on the Add Image via URL button

    Step 2
    Get the URL (direct link) of the photo hosted on the external website, highlight the link, right click on the computer mouse and click copy.


    Step 3
    Paste the full URL of the Image into the Image URL box and click Insert

    Step 4
    Add your Text and click Create Thread