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Large White patches on new turtle's shell

Discussion in 'Australian Freshwater Turtle Conservation' started by Emjay24, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Emjay24

    Emjay24 Emjay24

    Jan 9, 2017
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    Hey guys. I have recently purchased two juvenile Murray River turtles 12-13 weeks of age. I currently have them situated in a 4 ft tank with 40 watt UVB light. I have had the turtles for one week and noticed that one of the turtles has developed large white patches across the top of their shell. as I am a novice I am unsure whether it is shell rot or what. I am really concerned as the other turtle seems fine though I have yet to witness either of them basking under the light/ out of water.
    I have tested the pH 7.6
    kh 146
    gh 386
    I have fed them juvie turtle pellets so far. they seem to enjoy eating them though I am yet to give them anything else daily. I have feeder fish (barbs) in the tank with them along with live plants. Please help me so I can get help if needed. Will try to upload photo of shell and tank set up. Thanks.

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  2. Craig

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    Hi Emjay24 and welcome to AFT!

    My sincere apologies that this hasn't been attended to as yet. We're very short on staff at the moment.

    Your turtle looks like it is beginning to shed its scutes. To be certain I will need you to take some photos of the turtle's shell when it is dry please and under some natural light, not the UVB light.?
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    In the meantime until you get some more pictures, can you please read the Care Guide, in particular the diet section. There are some other links below that will also be very useful.

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  3. smoyle

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    Jan 7, 2016
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    Hi Emjay, what a cute couple of Murrays you have there!

    Your tank setup looks terrific except for the rocks - they are likely to harm your turtle due to being much harder than their skin or shell can stand. River sand and calgrit is what AFT recommends so that they can dig and bury themselves in it. The calgrit helps their shell as it hardens the water and adds necessary calcium. Rocks also harbour harmful bacteria and can cause ammonia and nitrite spikes. The calculator to the right of the page will tell you how much sand and calgrit to add for your tank.

    Also, do you have T8 or T5 lighting? That will affect the distance from the water surface your lighting should be placed.